We are now approaching our busiest term as year 9 students prepare to choose their option subjects. We are looking for volunteers to help promote languages at various events and our thanks go to those of you who have already offered your support.


We have many events planned for the new term but here are a selection that we are looking for support with:



1. Language and Business Masterclass: ‘Unravelling Russia’, 30th January 2014 at the University of Nottingham. We would like volunteers who can speak some Russian, are Russian or who travel to Russia regularly on business.

2. SCOOP! 6th February 2014 at Beauchamp College in Leicester. Language and Journalism day.  We will welcome BLCs who have a good level of French, German or Spanish or who have experience in the media.

3.Language and Business Masterclass: ‘Journey to Japan’, 28th February 2014 at Brooksby Hall near Melton Mowbray – We need volunteers who are Japanese or who have learnt Japanese or who have significant experience working with Japan.

4. European Challenge, Tues. 25th March at Nottingham Girls High School. Volunteers with French, German or Spanish (doesn’t have to be at a particularly high level) or experience of selling and marketing in Europe

5. Flying High, 3rd July at RAF Cranwell, nr. Sleaford. We will need volunteers with French, German or Spanish, possibly also Russian (doesn’t have to be at a particularly high level)




Oakham School International Marketing Challenge, 18th June 2014 – In particular we are looking for someone with international marketing experience for the morning.

Bishop Stopford School, Kettering, International Day 9th July 2014  – Any language or background would be very welcome.



If you would like to help out at any of these events please contact us for more information.