We have two final events approaching at the end of this term for which we are now seeking some volunteers. Please help us to inspire young people to keep up their languages. Please do let us know if you are able to volunteer. We are able to pay expenses.

International Day, Wednesday 6th July 2016. In-school event at Bishop Stopford School, Kettering
This event is for their whole Year 8 (12 – 13 year olds) and we shall be running a World Trade Game in the morning for which we need people with a variety of languages and international backgrounds to help and advise (no preparation needed!). In the afternoon the students will be experiencing two different language tasters, so if you have an unusual language to offer we’d love to hear from you. If you come for the morning you will still be very welcome to stay and experience one of the other language tasters.

Into the Arab World, Friday 8th July 2016 at RAF Cranwell near Sleaford (regional event)
This year’s RAF event will allow students to experience a very different language in the context of the work RAF linguist. As well as the RAF linguists we are looking for others to help who have had experience in the Arab world and/or can speak Arabic, even if it is only a small amount that will help students who have never learnt Arabic before. In the afternoon we want to run some short cultural sessions of 15 – 20 minutes for around 12 students each time in a carousel , so if you might be able to run one for us on Arabic food, Arabic dress, Arabic script, business etiquette or something similar we’d love to hear from you.

We are grateful for any support you can give and we look forward to hearing from you!

Please contact us today if you would like to get involved


From all of us at Business Language Champions we’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to updating you in the New Year!


Merry Christmas from Business Language Champions

Here’s a photo of some of our Business Language Champions taken at the Flying High event held at RAF Cranwell on 1st July.

Flying High Event at RAF Cranwell


Eleven teams from different schools across the East Midlands took part in a day-challenge to enhance their employability by developing teamwork skills and confidence through languages.    The theme of the day was obviously the RAF and flying but we were able to demonstrate that even in such exciting roles, language skills can help you to reach new highs.


If you want to find out how we can help languages fly high in your school please contact Sally Fagan (pictured far right) on 01949 860167.

Last year’s International Space Challenge winners, City of Derby Academy, enjoyed their prize last week  – a masterclass at the National Space Centre in Leicester.  The students put a lot of hard work into the challenge itself and it was a delight to receive the following feedback from Andy McMurray, Head of Teaching and Learning at the National Space Centre, who ran the masterclass:


City Of Derby Academy at the National Space Centre

During the Masterclass the student’s attitude and commitment was outstanding – they arrived early and I don’t think they will leave the Centre until we shut and ask them to leave! All the students wanted to pass on their thanks for the opportunity and through themselves at the tasks and took full use of the opportunity.


After the session I had a verbal feedback with the teachers about the whole programme it was hearing their comments that I started to understand the impact of this project. The teachers spoke of a “material impact on the students’ confidence and aspirations” following the previous rounds and then winning the final. They were suggesting that we made a difference to GCSE outcomes and destinations – all anecdotal because we had no prior data but these were International Space Challenge Winnersexperienced teachers who know their students.


The language teacher said how, following the final, the students were “much more confident in speaking language”.


All the students are going to college to study either A-levels or BTEC level 3 – all with a STEM component and some with a language. Their interest in space has continued with good GCSE Astronomy results expected. Being able to struggle and fail and yet, in the end, succeed was a knew experience to the students and it was this aspect, according to the teachers, that gave a noticeable boost to the students’ confidence. As one teacher put it “things like this don’t happen to these students”.


Overall the teachers said ‘this was the best event they have ever been involved in’ and they either want to take part in it again with us or ‘run the same thing ourselves as it clearly made such an impact’.





This is brilliant feedback and we’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in and supported this event.  To find out more about our International Space Challenge or the other language events we run in schools please contact us on 01949 860167 or email Sally Fagan.

This year’s winners of SCOOP! our languages and journalism event, enjoyed their prize recently when they visited the Independent in London.


The team of Year 12 students from Oakham School in Rutland were victorious in the languages and journalism event, which we ran back in March and as a well-deserved reward for all of their hard work, enjoyed a day out at the Independent.  The budding linguists, who competed in French to win this year’s SCOOP! title, were treated to a  tour from Deputy Managing Editor Sean O’Grady and a talk from Ally McKay on the sports desk.


By the looks of these photos we’d say they enjoyed it!

SCOOP! winners at The Independent  SCOOP winners 2015 enjoying their prize2015 SCOOP! winners Oakham School at The Independent







If you’d like to find out more about SCOOP! or how you can enter your students for any of our language events please contact Business Language Champions on 01949 860167 or email Sally Fagan.



We’re inviting students from across the East Midlands to take part in an exciting event to improve their language and science skills.  The International Space Challenge 2015 will take place in the autumn term, with the winners receiving a special day out at the National Space Centre in Leicester.


This event is aimed at 2015/16 Year 10 and 11 students who are taking languages and science and will give them the opportunity to use and improve their skills as well as increasing their understanding of how languages open up career possibilities.


This event was piloted in Derbyshire last year and thanks to funding received from the Institution of Engineering and Technology and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers we are able to extend the challenge to students across the East Midlands for 2015.


The challenge will consist of three stages:


1. Preliminary round – Making a short video
2. Semi-final – Ten best teams from each county battle it out at morning event
3. Final – best two teams from each semi-final face a final day challenge at the beginning of December


Interested in applying?

If you would like to enter one or more teams of students for this year’s International Space Challenge, here’s what you need to know:


  • Teams must have six students (all of whom need to be studying the same language)
  • Each team should submit a 3-minute video based on the criteria outlined here – ISC video challenge – Prelim round
  • Videos must be uploaded by Thursday 17 September 2015
  • If you would like to take part please let us know by Friday 30th June 2015

This challenge is initially open to schools with higher pupil premium percentage.  Please email Sally Fagan now to discuss eligibility.



We are urgently looking for speakers of French, German, Italian or Spanish to help out at a Business Language Champions event in Stamford, Lincolnshire.


The event takes place on the 3rd of February 2015 and we would really love to have a couple more volunteers involved.


You don’t need to necessarily have a high level of proficiency in the language but what would be really helpful is a sales or marketing experience.


If you think you could help please contact us today!


Many thanks 🙂

From all of us at Business Language Champions we would like to firstly thank all of the businesses, individuals, students and schools who have taken part in and supported our activities over the last twelve months. Secondly we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – we look forward to updating you in 2015!


BLC christmas card 2014

We are delighted to announce that we have now finalised our programme of regional school language events for this year and have updated our website to contain all the new opportunities available to schools looking for inspiring language events.

For instance you may be interested in the first event –  the European Challenge.  As this was so popular last year, we are running it twice in 2015 once in the South of the region and once in the North. We have limited numbers for all events, so please make sure you apply in good time!

Here’s an overview of what else is going on:

International Space Challenge heat3rd February 2015 European Challenge – sales and marketing event for Year 10/11 Stamford Welland Academy
12th February 2015 European Challenge – sales and marketing event for Year 10/11 Nottingham Girls’ High School
6th March 2015 SCOOP! – languages and journalism event for Years 12/13 St. George’s Academy, Sleaford
24th March 2015 The Challenge of China – a language and business masterclass for Years 9 – 13 University of Nottingham
21st April 2015 GCHQ Day – languages in intelligence and security for Years 9+ Joseph Whitaker School, Mansfield
1st July 2015 Flying High – languages in the RAF for Year 10+ RAF Cranwell, nr Sleaford

You can find more information on our Opportunities for Schools page or you can contact us here at Business Language Champions to find out more.

Just under three weeks ago it was European Day of Languages – held every year on 26th September to celebrate cultural diversity and international communication.


We just had to share this video from St George’s Academy in Sleaford, Lincolnshire who made a video featuring 38 members of staff and students, including the British Sign Language Choir.



Great effort St George’s we hope you all enjoyed making this video as much as we enjoyed watching it 🙂