REGIONAL EVENTS 2018-19: East Midlands


We are currently planning our 2018 – 2019 programme of events for the East Midlands


REGIONAL EVENTS 2018-19: Other Regions


Our programme outside the East Midlands for the year looks like this:

European Challenge, Thursday 19th April, University of Surrey, Guildford

Languages together with Marketing and Selling. Students will be planning to take a typically English product to a European Trade Fair. Aimed at Years 9 and 10.  Download the event flyer.


International Space Challenge, Friday 22nd June 2018, King Edward’s Witley, Godalming, Surrey.  Download the event flyer.

This is particularly to show that languages can greatly enhance a science career.  The students will be working with French, German or Spanish.


International Space Challenge, Thursday 28th June 2018, RAF Museum Cosford, Shropshire.  Download the event flyer.

This will be a space challenge with an RAF twist! The event is particularly to show that languages can greatly enhance a science career, which is very appropriate within the RAF.  This event is aimed at Year 9 and 10 students working with French, German or Spanish.

European Challenge, Monday 9th July, University of Bangor, Wales.  Download the flyer in EnglishDownload the flyer in Welsh.

Languages together with Marketing and Selling. Students will be planning to take a typically Welsh product to a European Trade Fair. Aimed at Years 9 and 10


Business and Language event, Friday 30th November 2018, University of Sheffield

This will be a new event to tie languages in with international business and we are delighted to be running our first event in conjunction with the University of Sheffield. This will be a rail-themed event aimed at Year 10 and 11 students taking French, German or Spanish.


The Word is not Enough with GCHQ, Wednesday 14th November 2018, Location to be confirmed

We will be running our popular Word is not Enough event again in conjunction with GCHQ – further details to be confirmed.


The Word is not Enough with GCHQ, Thursday 15th November 2018, Location to be confirmed

We will be running our popular Word is not Enough event again in conjunction with GCHQ – further details to be confirmed.


All of the 2017/18 academic year events will cost £150 per team. The cost of the 2018/19 events will be confirmed.
As ever, we would be pleased to discuss an in-school event with you



Our project ideas allow students to improve employability skills using language and culture as a medium.  We also aim to promote the take-up of languages from GCSE to university. These ideas would be adapted to suit your school and budget.


Language Masterclass

We can offer a bespoke Masterclass centred around languages for either a half day or full day, whatever the school would like. Alternatively it could be aimed at linking languages up with another subject (e.g. Science, Art, Music etc). We will design the day to suit you, and we will supply the Business Language Champions to act as advisers on the day.

Suggested age range: Year 9 – Year 13 (material adapted accordingly)


European Challenge

The focus of this day is sales and marketing. The students are asked to consider what they need to do to market and sell a typical English product at a European trade fair. They are given a series of tasks and have to make a dragon’s den type pitch in their target language at the end of the day. The challenge can accommodate French, German and Spanish learners in mixed language teams.

Suggested age range: Year 9 – Year 11 (material adapted accordingly)


Glastonbury Goes Global

This event is aimed at Year 9 and can accommodate French, German and Spanish but each team must have a common language in which to work. The theme is music festivals and event management, and students are tasked with organising a music festival in their target country with a star attraction. They then have to sell their music festival to the other teams in the room.

Suggested age range: Year 9


Flair for International Fashion

This event is aimed at Year 10 and Year 11 and can accommodate French, German and Spanish. We can work with single language teams or dual language teams. This challenge is a great cross-curricular event if you also offer textiles. Students are tasked with running their own market survey leading to creating their own new product line of jeans for Levi’s.

Suggested age range: Year 10 – Year 11


International Space Challenge

This is a great cross-curricular event covering languages and science. We developed the materials for this in conjunction with the National Space Academy and with funding from the Institution of Engineering and Technology. You can download the ISC Materials here. These materials enable you to run your own International Space Challenge picking and choosing from a menu of tasks with suggestions for adapting the materials for older age groups. You will need to run this as a joint challenge with your science department and each team needs a common language to work in (French, German or Spanish), although different languages can be involved in the challenge at one time. We are happy to be involved or run this for you if you prefer.

Suggested age range: Year 10 – 11, but can be adapted for Years 12 – 13


The Word is Not Enough

This challenge is run in conjunction with GCHQ outreach. GCHQ are able to run 3 events per year with us. We are given the dates in advance when they are available and schools can choose from these dates. Parameters are: not more than one event per region per year and each event must include a number of schools. We can accommodate French, German, Spanish and Russian with each team needing a common language in which to work. The teams are tasked with cracking a drug smuggling ring and have a language taster in a language important to GCHQ. They learn about encrypting and decrypting codes, logical thinking and develop confidence along the way. In the afternoon they have to make a presentation of their findings

Suggested age range: Year 10 – 11, but can be adapted for Year 9


Challenge of the Games

Although based on the Olympic Games, we can still run this if schools feel it is relevant. This will include a physical and language challenge, and then teams will put together a bid to host an Olympic sports team in a specific city in the UK with a 3 minute presentation in another language. If you’d like this more as an enterprise challenge than sports focused, then we can offer the opportunity for your students to be international fashion designers for the day to design a costume for a national team at the Olympics. Either version can be adapted to the year group and language level. Please note that students will need access to the internet during the morning for the first option. If internet access is not possible then an alternative will be organised.

Suggested age range: Option 1 – Year 10 – Year 13 (material adapted accordingly) or Option 2 – Year 7 – 11 (material adapted accordingly)


Country specific events

We would be pleased to organise country or language specific events, such as a Russia Day, Chinese Day or Spanish Day. These can be designed to suit you and can be used to raise awareness of a country or language that is not taught, or further language and cultural knowledge of one that is being taught. Typically we would include a carousel of activities covering language, culture and work, a language taster if appropriate and an enterprise activity if appropriate. Business Language Champions will provide the activities and will also be available to talk to students about their own careers and how languages have opened doors for them.
Possible language options: French, German, Spanish/S. America, Italian, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese

Suggested age range: Any age


World Trade Game

World Trade Games are great fun, adaptable for a wide age range, and can be delivered in short, half day or full day versions. A World Trade Game can help students think about
the way other cultures live and how they cope with few resources. It will include language and enterprise elements and the longer the version, the more we can include by way of
employability skills. We will seek Business Language Champions to act as group advisers.

Suggested age range: Any age group


Language and Food event

Food is inextricably part of a country’s culture and a great vehicle to motivate young people about language.
‘Paris Café Culture’ is aimed at those studying French and will include the opportunity to make Parisian macaroons or similar. There will be a business challenge to set up a Paris café . As ever, we will aim to bring in Business Language Champions to help with the activities. As well as addressing creativity and learning about food, these seminars will also encompass employability skills such as teamwork, confidence-building and presentation skills. A suitable area for food preparation will be required, and a mobile oven can be arranged if a school does not have this facility.

Other languages: We can put together other food orientated seminars either for languages the students are already learning or to widen horizons with a different culture, e.g. Arabic or Russian

Suggested age range: Year 7 plus


SCOOP! Languages and Journalism

This combines languages with team working under pressure in a simulation whereby teams have to produce a newspaper front page in either French, German or Spanish. They have to choose which stories are appropriate for their target audience and turn them into interesting articles in their target language. In addition they experience having to sell advertising space, again in their target language. This challenge can accommodate French, German and Spanish groups at the same time. As it’s aimed at A level students, you could work with another local school to share the cost. Each team will need a laptop and at least one member who is familiar with design software or whatever suitable program is available on the laptop.

Suggested age range: Year 12 and 13.

Chile, Chocolate and Cha, Cha, Cha

This event celebrates all things Latin American and is aimed at those Year 9s learningSpanish or those with an option to learn Spanish. Subject to availability there will be a portuguese language taster for those already doing Spanish. Each team is located a latin American country to work with. The challenge itself is based on Fair Trade and creating a product to sell based on the country’s produce.

Suggested age range: Year 9 and can also be adapted for year 8 or Year 10/11.



Marketing in the Making

This challenge is based on creating a short marketing video in the target language and can be aimed at Year 10 to 13. The teams are introduced to a local partner company. They have to find out as much as they can about the company in order to create an appropriate video. These are filmed on an iPad (school needs to supply one per team) using iMovie. As well as learning filming techniques, the students also learn about marketing techniques and have to make a presentation in the target language to go with their video.

Suggested age range: Years 10 to 13.





Following the introduction of our Careers Modules last year and feedback from schools, we are making changes to the offering which we believe will make them more valuable to your students.

• We have reduced the number of options to those most popular in schools
• We have increased the length from one hour to two hours, so that the students have a lot more time to immerse themselves and get something out of the activity
• As treatment of the subject will be more in-depth, we are now aiming these at Year 10 and above for your committed and enthusiastic GCSE/A level students


Each of these modules is available for short interventions to show how languages are used in specific job areas. The cost is £250 which covers up to two hours within the East Midlands. These modules are suitable for class sizes up to 30 and are based on real scenarios.


Languages and Engineering

Going down to the factory floor, it would be unusual to find machine operatives who can speak English. However, working in this environment and having to give instructions on how to work with new products, could well be part of a qualified engineer’s job. This module incorporates the background to this type of career and an activity using either French, German or Spanish that the students can simulate.
Suitable for Year 10 onwards.


Languages and Selling

Succinct communication is vital in this module. It will take the class to a busy international trade exhibition and introduce them to key elements of how to sell (useful pointers also for selling themselves at an interview!). This is then combined with an activity to sort out the features from the benefits for a specific product in French, German or Spanish, plus role play to practise selling to a customer.

Suitable for Year 10 onwards.


Languages and Marketing

What does marketing involve and what happens when you start to market a product in another country? This module sets the students thinking about marketing a typically English product like Stilton cheese in another European country such as France, Germany or Spain. They are set the task of creating marketing resources for the product

Suitable for Year 10 onwards


In addition, we can talk with you about our standard range of opportunities including talks, presentations, partnerships etc. If you would particularly like a module on a different job or a specific industry, please do get in touch with us as we have Business Language Champions from many different walks of life and might well be able to put together a bespoke session for you.


If you would like details of any of these opportunities, then please contact Sally Fagan, Business Language Champions Director, on 01949 860167.